1/2.3NM 10% Yak 60%cotton 30%polyester yak wool crochet yarn

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Items: yak hairy yarn
Fiber:10% Yak 60%cotton 30%polyester
One Skein is 100g,about 230 Meters,Material: 10% Yak 60%cotton 30%polyester

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Yak wool is the wool of yaks. It feels smooth, soft and warm. It has high fiber strength and corrosion resistance. It is eco-friendly, waterproof, windproof, moisture-proof and light-absorbing. The wool is made after cutting and combing. Yak wool is collected once a year, and the annual wool yield of adult yak is 1.17 ~ 2.62kg. The weight of young yak is 1.30 ~ 1.35kg, of which the coarse wool and the fine wool are half. The yak’s fine wool is very fine, irregularly curved, and the scales are tightly folded in a ring. It has soft luster, strong elasticity and smooth touch. Combed yak wool, which can be used as textile raw material, only accounts for about 10% of the total yak wool. Its rarity can be seen. No matter its quality or rarity, it is completely comparable with cashmere, a high-grade textile raw material.

This is our very classic tweed yak hair yarn.which live in highland of more than 3000 meters of china. The dense hair on his body is very warm,which can pretect its skin from freezing in an environment of minus 40 degrees.So Yak hair is 30% warmer than merino hairy,and 5% warmer than cashmere.And now,more and more people like the yak yarn.But this yarn are very limited,so it is difficulty to get premium yak hair.We build the long cooperation with the yak ranch.So we can get top line yak hair each year.

And for this yarn,we design the novelty appearance with the tweed,so it is can used for Adults and children wear.its the perfect items for knitting beginner.

Introduction of product advantages

1.Soft, fluffy and warm. More importantly, the wear resistance and pilling resistance are superior to cashmere.

2.Good color fastness, tough and not easy to pill and shrink after being washed.

3.Soft and skin-friendly

4.The capacity of Yak wool is few. Top Yak wool cooperator is also the exclusive supplier of many brands of yarn.

Product model

Classic style




10% Yak 60%cotton 30%polyester


H10899 yak hairy yarn (7)


H10899 yak hairy yarn (6)


H10899 yak hairy yarn (5)


H10899 yak hairy yarn (4)


H10899 yak hairy yarn (3)


H10899 yak hairy yarn (2)


H10899 yak hairy yarn (9)


Colors Display

Based on popular colors from around the world, we've created 12 popular colors. We have stock all the year round, and the products are ready to ship at any time. Customers can also choose the shape and weight of the ball they prefer, such as this long ball, 100 grams, or this round ball, 100 grams, it doesn't matter


Extensive Application Scenarios

Natural yak and merino fiber from highland bring the yarn skin warm and soft touching.The Medium thickness yarn are widely used for hats,gloves,and sweaters.

H10899 Yak yarn

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