1/24NM and 6/24NM 100%Linen 6ply 7ply 8ply machine hand knitting crochet yarn

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ITEMS:pure nature linen yarn
100% linen yarn.Yarn Count: 9.5Nm—36Nm. short fibre  9.5Nm—15Nm. long fibre   13Nm—-36Nm.semi bleached & natural color.

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Linen yarn is made of linen fiber. Linen fiber is a kind of rare natural fiber, accounting for only 1.5% of the total natural fiber. Due to its natural, primitive, rare, natural color and noble characteristics, it is known as the "fiber queen of natural fibers". It has the functions of temperature regulation, anti-allergy, anti-static and anti-bacterial. Because linen has good hygroscopicity and can absorb up to 20 times its own weight of water, linen feels dry. It absorbs moisture and dissipates heat, and also has the functions of health care, bacteriostasis, antifouling, antistatic, anti-ultraviolet. In addition, its flame retardant effect is excellent. Linen is a plant in the Fragrant family, which can emit a faint fragrance. So linen thread is good but expensive. As the long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation will do harm to our health. The hemicellulose contained in linen textile products is the best substance to absorb ultraviolet. In fact, hemicellulose is an immature cellulose. Linen fiber contains more than 18% hemicellulose, several times higher than cotton fiber. When used as clothing, it protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. At room temperature, linen clothing can make the body's real temperature drop 4-5 degrees, so it is known as "natural air conditioning".Pure natural fiber, skin-friendly, less hairiness, drape, and unique color matching have become the first choice for customers in spring and summer.

Introduction of product advantages

1.High strength, good moisture absorption, heat conduction and air permeability

2.Bright color, good natural luster, not easy to fade and shrink

3.Unique cool feeling. You don't feel sticky when you sweat

4.Dry feel, wrinkle-proof and ironing free

5.Natural antibacterial, anti-mite, deodorant, anti-static, high -quality linen yarn

Product model

Classic style Description  Application
H11746  6/24NM 100%Linen 5GG  7GG   12GG
#H11746 LINEN YARN (19)


#H11746 LINEN YARN (14)


#H11746 LINEN YARN (10)


#H11746 LINEN YARN (6)


#H11746 LINEN YARN (4)


#H11746 LINEN YARN (1)


#H11746 LINEN YARN (2)


#H11746 LINEN YARN (20)


Colors Display

Natural 100% linen yarn .more than 100 single yarn 1/24NM stock avaliable.and sply 6ply 7ply 8ply can be custom made.


Extensive Application Scenarios

Linen yarn is a kind yarn made by both knit and machine, which can be used to make sweaters, circular machines, and all kinds of hand knitting products. It is cool and comfortable for all kinds of close-fitting sweaters, hats, blankets, and handmade items.

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