1/3.1NM merino wool blend Lamb hairy yarn For Knitting Sweater

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Items: Lamb hairy yarn

Fiber:16%nylon 42%acrylic 42%wool


Premium merino wool fiber yarn .selected high quality wool fiber then make the texture hairy feather yarn.

This is a type of polyester sherpa like yarn, which contains both artificial materials and natural merino wool, perfectly achieving the warmth retention of polyester sherpa. It’s warmer, more comfortable with more dense fluff than 100% polyester like cashmere on the market. We select high-quality Merino wool fiber for our cashmere, which contains 42% wool content. We aim to be professional in quality and win market reputation; Polyester sherpa is featured with its warmth, but without the sense of fashion; The finished clothing and accessories made of polyester sherpa have already become hot items in autumn and winter.

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Product description

This type of polyester sherpa is first made of merino wool blended worsted, and spun into a fancy yarn with fluffy feeling of polyester sherpa by fancy crochet machine. Then, it is dyed, fluffed and softened to make its fluff more fluffy and warm. The appearance of polyester sherpa is beautiful with a certain fluffy feeling, and the fabric is is favored by designers for being easily shaped. For the fabric contains merino wool content, it has good warmth retention and is very light. With abundant and dense fluff, the fabric has strong wear resistance. When the yarn is produced, it will be softened and shrunk in advance, so the fabric will never be easy to shrink again; Polyester sherpa fabric can be washed with water, while cashmere fabric can only be dry cleaned. The maintenance and care are relatively simple; Polyester sherpa is as good as lamb wool in warmth retention, so it is often used as raw material for clothing of winter overcoats and other outer wears; Polyester sherpa clothing has become a must item favorable by fashion circle for its warmth and beautiful appearance in autumn and winter. Currently, polyester sherpa fabric is widely used in the field of clothing and accessories, including men's and women's clothing, middle-aged and elderly clothing, and fashion children's clothing.

Product advantages

1. Polyester sherpa fabric is very fluffy with good air permeability, and it feels soft and elastic.

2. It looks like lamb hair in the appearance, which is very comfortable and warm;

3. After high temperature shrinkage treatment, it is not easy to deform and pilling;

4. With good physical properties, high fiber strength, wear resistance and durability;

5. With good chemical properties, alkali resistance, chemical resistance, moth resistance and mould resistance;

Product model

Classic style Description Application
H10750 16%NY42%AC42%W 3GG  5GG   7GG
#H10750  (1)


#H10750  (3)


#H10750  (4)


#H10750  (5)


#H10750  (7)


#H10750  (8)


Product Color

There are 10 kinds of different colors provided to meet your needs at any time. The feather yarn made of the unique merino wool fiber, is an obvious hot item popular in fashion circle;


Extensive Application Scenarios

Polyester sherpa has a feather like hairiness, and it’s warm and fashionable, which is widely used in various clothing and accessories such as sweaters, coats, hats, scarves, gloves and so on;

#H10750  (19)
#H10750  (20)

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