2.8NM space dyed mohair brush yarn wool knitting yarn

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Items:   Mohair Knop Brushed yarn 

Fiber:   6%Nylon7%Polyester24%Mohair24%Wool39%Acrylic              

It belongs to a kind of fancy yarn. Fancy yarns has short length, tightly wound, and small knots distributed on the base yarn. It is characterized by light and transparent, warm and comfortable, soft and plump. It is a high-quality product for making high-grade sweater fabric. Natural Mohair yarn are used together with other raw materials to make Mohair Knop Brushed yarn; as people pay more attention to dressing, this high-end yarn has gradually entered the lives of most people.

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Knop yarn is a basic varieties of fancy yarns.its are main the feature is on a yarn with irregular prominent knop and thus its name. At present, the textile and garment industry pursues fashion, diversity and high quality. In recent years, knot yarn has been widely welcomed by people because of its good air permeability, and its woven fabric is comfortable to wear.We launched this Mohair knot yarn to keep up with the market trend of diversification, launching new products and leading the front-end fashion of the market;Contains a high proportion of 24% natural mohair, Mohair is the wool of Angora goats in South Africa, which is all natural animal fiber. It is smooth, straight and dry with the luster of mulberry silk. It is very comfortable, warm and smooth. It has superior resilience and high wear resistance.This unique yarn is widely used in knitting woolen cloth, sweaters, and scarf fabrics; the manufacturing process of yarn is different from ordinary yarn, it contains complicated multiple processes, such as unhairing process and knotting process. So, it's more expensive than other yarns. It is a high-quality and high-end fabric, the favorite fabric of well-known luxury brands.

Product advantages

1.Contains a high proportion of 24% natural mohair, light in texture, fluffy and warm, good elasticity and pressure resistance;

2. The finished product has bright color, fashion and luster;

3. All kinds of yarn, our manufacturer has the strength;

4.Free samples before the order;

5.Efficient & responsible sales team,providing customers with product consulting, order fulfillment, after-sales service. Support our clients' needs at every stage.

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Product Color

All of colors are in stock. Fast deliver and competitive price;customized, we would like show our color cards for your selecting.We can dye the yarns as your color sample or your pantone numbers.


Extensive Application Scenarios

Mohair knot yarn is a kind of high-end sweater fabric, aiming at more high-end customers. It has obvious and unique style; Mainly used for knitwear, sweater, scarf, etc; It is light and warm, fashionable and glossy. and its unique knot technology brings the sweater fabric a visual experience of fashion.


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