4/12NM DIY knitting 4ply milk cotton yarn for baby

Short Description:

Name:Baby Milk cotton yarn Fiber:60%cotton40%milk acrylic
its weight is 40gram =115meters.
This is very basic yarn.We own 5ply 6ply 7ply 8ply milk cotton yarn also.And all of their colors can. Its material are high quanlity milk cotton.With soft and warm touching.

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Not only sell the product, but also manufacturer, with the production capacity of 50,000 kilograms per month, and scarves hats caps for 100,000 pieces per month, and knitting accessories 500,000 pieces per month.

We supply different yarns both for small retailers and large distributors.Our services include yarn design and yarn production,product development, custom making and custumized packaging.
Hoyia is one of the most famous manufactures of hand knitting yarn and knitting needle products .We produce and distribute hand knitting products for USA, UK and Europe market, with strong support from experienced staff and production control management .
Shanghai Hoyia Textile Co., Ltd. is known as one of the most creative company in the knitting yarn field in China.

And let’s learn about this milk cotton yarn:

The yarn is made of high-quality milk and cotton raw materials, dyed green and environmentally friendly, perfect color fixation, milkshake does not fade, anti-pilling does not lose hair, and does not harm the baby's delicate skin. The wool is uniform in thickness, and the woven finished product is soft and delicate, soft and comfortable, and durable;

It is our regular hot sales yarn,it widely used for carpets,bathrobes,caps,baby sweater and KIDS project.we own more than 100 colors.Premium milk cotton with light,soft warm touching.

All Sample is free of charge 

Package:In ball 40g/50G/100G

Introduction of product advantages


2.Any color can be OEM,4PLY 5PLY 6PLY are all avaliable;

3.Smooth milk cotton thread

4.Joy craft hand made life , Fashion tweed appearance

5.All samples in free of charge

Product model

Classic style Description Description
H11988 60%cotton40%milk acrylic 3GG  5GG  7GG
milk cotton yarn 9


milk cotton yarn 7


milk cotton yarn 4


milk cotton yarn 6


milk cotton yarn 3


milk cotton  yarn 5


milk cotton yarn 11


milk cotton yarn 12


Colors Sheet

We own more than 80 ready colors,and any ball size from 40-200gram can be custom made.Our regular pakcage ways is 50gram per ball about 150meters each one,packages comes with 10balls in a PP bag,and 15bags into one carton.


Extensive Application Scenarios

This is a very classic yarn, suitable for any country, any people, can make a variety of different handmade DIY products.

milk cotton yarn1
milk cotton yarn2
milk cotton yarn4
milk cotton yarn5
milk cotton yarn6 必选图

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