Chunky Blanket Yarn Chenille Finger Loop Yarn for Hand Knitting Blankets

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The classic chenille yarn in Shanghai hoyia textile has many years of industrial experience, it is welcomed by the market. And it is a new bright spot in product development. We specialize in producing chenille yarn of 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6 and other specifications. We mainly produce chenille yarn blended with 100% polyester, 100% acrylic and other high-quality raw materials. This product is characterized by anti fouling and anti pilling, soft handle, thick fabric, beautiful appearance and rich colors. Therefore, it is widely used in the textile industry and wool industry. It has irreplaceable effects and functions of other yarns.

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What kind of yarn is this?

Chenille fabric is made by twisting short fibers or filaments with different fineness and strength. The part we can see is called surface yarn or decorative yarn, and the strong twist part is called core yarn. The core yarn increases the strength of chenille yarn, accounting for 25% ~ 30% of chenille yarn. Decorative yarn is the main body, accounting for 70% ~ 75%, it shows the beautiful effect and style of chenille yarn. Standard chenille yarn is made of one chenille yarn, which is widely used in velvet and decorative fabrics. The fabric made of it is gorgeous and velvety. It can also be directly used as knitting thread, with the characteristics of fullness, warmth and good decorative effect. Chenille fabric with a noble appearance, good coloring, comfortable touch, vertical suspension, shading warmth, hygroscopicity of many advantages in the market to maintain a good sales. It is suitable for 3GG, 5GG, 7GG needle type.

Product Advantages

1. Chenille fabric is made of high-quality raw materials. It is the most excellent textile yarn because of its strong durability, non loose thread and strong wear resistance;

2. It is made of reactive dyes, with beautiful color, not easy to fade and complete categories;

3. It has good ductility, fine and soft, and is not easy to deform;

4. It is very environmentally friendly and skin friendly, with uniform thickness. It is a breathing chenille;

5.1 / 3.5Nm, 1 / 6nm, 1 / 4.5nm, 1 / 1.2nm 100% polyester, stable quality.

Product model

Classic style Description Application
H11166 100%POLYESTER 3GG 5GG 7GG
H12139 100%POLYESTER 3GG 5GG 7GG
H12120 100%POLYESTER 3GG 5GG 7GG
H11680 100%POLYESTER 3GG 5GG 7GG
H11289 100%POLYESTER 3GG 5GG 7GG

Product Color

Chenille yarn is sold annually according to regional fashion centers. The single product has more than 200 color color cards for customers to choose from, order operation is efficient. (with color cards)

color (2)
color (1)

Extensive Application Scenarios

Chenille yarn can be used in sewing, weaving, knitting, towel and garment factories. Wool weaving factory has many kinds of processing, widely used in sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, etc., and it is favored by the market.

Extensive Application Scenarios (1)
Extensive Application Scenarios (2)
Extensive Application Scenarios (3)
Extensive Application Scenarios (4)
Extensive Application Scenarios (5)

Product Package & Shipping

Our chenille yarn is made of high quality copper tube, the single cylinder weight is about 1.5-1.8kg. There are 12-15 packages in a single bag, and the bag can be customized. Delivery is in standard net weight, no moisture, no knot, high quality export packaging.

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