High quality fancy 1MM 2MM 100% Polyester Sequine yarn

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Items:   Bead piece of yarn 

Fiber:   100%Polyester      

Sequin yarn is sequin knitting yarn made of fancy spinning, which is new and fashionable. The sequins can be selected in multiple colors, and can be combined with any yarn for better garment effect. This yarn product is the current popular knitting yarn. The products are novel, unique and personalized, which is favored by senior designers at home and abroad.

The surface is smooth, with natural shiny color,  not easy to shrink, and difficult to felt. High strength, good resilience and wear resistance, dust and antifouling praperties, not easy to pilling, easy to clean and wash.

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Sequin yarn is a special kind of yarn and one of the fancy yarns. Usually, it is composed of 120D, 150D polyester lines and various shapes of sequins, which are divided into 2mm,2.5mm,3mm,4mm,5mm and so on. Sequin is a kind of decoration made of some PVC and PET environmental protection materials. PVC belongs to the medium temperature material, and PET belongs to the environmental protection sequin with high temperature resistance. In short, it is a composite material composed of polyester film and aluminum foil. The middle layer is aluminum foil, and the two surface layers are polyester film. The shape of the sequin is usually round. The distance of each sequin is 45-50mm, which can also be customized with special requirements. The sequin has a dazzling, reflective and shiny effect, just like a star ornament. When the sun shines, it is glittering and translucent. It is the best material and fabric for noble dresses and high-grade products. Relatively, it's not easy to hook on and fit. The busbar is usually a strong 100% polyester yarn. Polyester fabric is strong and durable, which has strong elasticity, good heat resistance and strong plasticity. It won't be moth-eaten and crumple easily, and it has good air permeability. It is mainly used in high-grade sweaters, coats, wedding dress decoration, knitwear, etc. The fabric made of sequin has the effect of blingbilng, which is young and fashionable and loved by women. The cleaning of sequin yarn is very particular If you don't have time to wash by hand, you can turn your clothes inside out. The side dotted with sequins can be turned inside to avoid friction with other clothes and the washing machine. It can protect the sequins from falling off. Or you can put on a laundry bag for a safe and relaxing experience.

Product Advantages

1. High-quality raw materials, professional team and elaborate design;

2.Strong decorative effect and customizable.

3.Rich in color and optional,quality stability ;

4.Factory direct supply, professional production equipment;

Product Model

Classic style





3GG  5GG  7GG











Colors Sheet

 All of colors are in stock. Fast deliver and competitive price;customized, we would like show our color cards for your selecting.We can dye the yarns as your color sample or your pantone numbers.


Extensive Application Scenarios

Sequin yarn is a special type of fancy yarn. It is a popular fashion item in recent years and has a huge market potential. It is used for knitting, weaving, sewing and other processing techniques and mainly used in sweater, knitting, clothing decoration and other clothing manufacturing. Its products are diversified and can meet the needs of ever-changing new market.

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