High quality Multicolor 1/6 NM Spray yarn wool blended yarn for knitting

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In all the yarns in autumn and winter, the air spray yarn is relatively unique. The air spray yarn has better heat retention and profile. It feels fluffy soft. It can be designed more broadly. Some brands also prefer the air spray yarn, which can be designed into texture pattern.

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Fiber:6%Alpaca 6%Wool 44%Recycled Polyester 40%Nylon 2%Viscose 2%Acrylic
The air spray yarn is a yarn made by spraying animal and plant fibers or chemical fibers into a hollow mesh belt. It belongs to the fancy thread of cotton thread, which feels good and the cotton contain is high. The stone wash style gives the finished product a gentle retro texture. At the same time, more and more women weavers like this thread. Soft and fluffy is a distinctive feature of the air spray yarn. Because it is made by spraying loose fibers (short fibers) into the mesh hollow sleeve of the ribbon yarn, which is different from the traditional "twist" process of ordinary yarn production. The distribution of loose fibers is loose and disordered, so the air spray yarn is very fluffy and soft, and feels comfortable. And because it is not made by twisting, the quality of clothing made by air spray yarn is very light, and the volume is also very light. Compared with ordinary yarn, the mass of the same number of air spray yarn is only 30% of that made by roving. The unique appearance and feel makes the air spray yarn popular with designers. The short fibers inside the air spray yarn can be made of wool, alpaca, acrylic and other materials. Because there is more air in it, this type of short fiber is not only fluffy and soft, but also makes the air spray yarn warm and highly comfortable, which is called "down jacket in yarn".

Introduction of product advantages

1.The yarn is fluffy and soft, and it feels comfortable;
2.It has good warmth retention, larger volume under the same knitting number and lighter by 30%;
3.It has good elongation. The yarn is bright and rich in colors;
4.The air spray yarn also has unique appearance, high strength, air permeability, excellent moisture absorption and other characteristics.

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6%Alpaca 6%Wool 44%Recycled Polyester 40%Nylon   2%Viscose   2%Acrylic  

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#H11893 SPRAY YARN (3)


#H11893 SPRAY YARN (5)


#H11893 SPRAY YARN (11)


#H11893 SPRAY YARN (6)


#H11893 SPRAY YARN (8)


#H11893 SPRAY YARN (9)


Colors Sheet

We have rich colors and you can also customize the color; The existing colors can be delivered at any time.


Extensive Application Scenarios

The air spray yarn is the ideal material for people's autumn and winter clothes. It is widely used in knitted wool sweaters, woven fabrics, hats and scarves. It has the characteristics of warmth, lightness, fluffiness and comfortable hand feeling.


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