More than 300 colors 48NM/2 28S/2 Viscose nylon PBT high tenacity more smooth core spun yarn

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Shanghai Hoyia Textile, specialized in core spun yarn, is the preferred bestselling, and it is sold to domestic and foreign markets with great repercussions; the design varieties and color styles are complete;

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Short Description

Shanghai Hoyia Textile, specialized in core spun yarn, is the preferred bestselling, and it is sold to domestic and foreign markets with great repercussions; the design varieties and color styles are complete; the high elastic core spun yarn we produce is made of viscose and nylon polyester PBT blended yarn, and is a high-quality and mature yarn; the core spun yarn gives play to the polyester filament’s advantages of straight and refreshing, crepe resistance, easy washing and quick drying, and the outsourcing imitation cotton fiber’s advantages of good moisture absorption, less static electricity and not easy to pilling, which is comfortable to wear; at the same time, the produced elasticity is better with nylon as the core; the fabric is soft and delicate, making the finished product easy to shape, comfortable and breathable; it is suitable for underwear, base, men and women's fashion and children's wear; the purpose of core spun yarn is to use the core spun fabric as the greige cloth, after dyeing and printing matching finishing to processed into the bed sheet, bedspread, pillow cover, sofa cover, curtain and table cover and other series matching front bedding and interior decoration supplies, which are ideal textiles;

Product description

What kind of yarn is this?

There are a lot different names for core spun series yarn in different regions,such as core spun yarn,angora core spun yarn,angora like,PBT yarn,28S PBT yarn,high elastic core spun yarn,high tenacity core spun,VPN core spun like this.

The core spun yarn is directly formed by 50%Viscose21%Nylon 29%PBT drawn by the spinning frame. This types of spinning is relatively complete and can be blended with different chemical fibers. The core spun yarn is usually made of the synthetic fiber filament with good strength and elasticity as core yarn, wrapped with viscose fiber and other short fibers twisted together; the core spun yarn has the excellent properties of filament core yarn and wrapped short fiber; the woven fabric is easy to dye and finish, comfortable to wear, easy to wash, bright in color, beautiful and elegant; the composition of core spun yarn is similar to that of human skin, with good skin friendly feeling, comfortable to wear, smooth, warm, lodge freely, antistatic, no hair shedding, brilliant dyeing and other characteristics; suitable for 12 needles, 5 needles, and 7 needles;So we export large quantities of different core spun yarn to different countries like India,Pakistan,Egypt,Brazile ,Russion Ukrain etc.

Product Advantages

1. The core spun yarn has uniform dyeing, good color fastness and washing resistance;

2. The core spun yarn can be rubbed at will without crease, with high elasticity and skin friendly feeling;

3. Compared with other yarns, the core spun yarn has stronger tenacity and hygroscopicity;

4. 28S/2 and 2/48NM imitation rabbit core spun yarn and viscose polyamide wrapped with PBT core spun yarn have good thermal insulation and high quality;

H12067 core spun  yarn 7
H12067 core  spun  yarn 5

Introduction of product advantages

Vision nylon feather yarn Advantages

1. Even length of feathers, stable quality, warm and soft

2. Light to the touch, no hair loss, novel appearance

3. High quality copper tube, no damage in transportation

4. Strict drying technology, no moisture

5. Various colours can be customized, bright colours, even colouring

Product model


Classic style Description Application
H10881 50%Viscose21%Nylon 29%PBT 9GG    12GG
H12067 50%Viscose21%Nylon 29%PBT 9GG    12GG
H12017 80%Viscose20%PBT 9GG    12GG
H11403 42%Viscose18%Nylon 28%PBT 12%Dacron(The color yarn) 9GG    12GG
H11171 42%Viscose28%Nylon 30%Dacron(PBT) 9GG    12GG
H11706 42%Viscose40%Dacron(PBT)18%Nylon 9GG    12GG






H11403 core spun yarn (1)






Product Color

Our core spun yarns are released annually according to each regional fashion center. Single item with the color card of no less than 200 colors for customers' reference and selection, and the order operation is efficient. (with color cards).

Extensive Application Scenarios

The core spun yarn can be used as plain stitches, jacquards, or multiple incoming threads. It is widely used in bottoming sweaters, jacquard jackets, fresh children's wear, comfortable handle and non-static, skin friendly comfort and breathable, and colorful.

core spun yarn application 1
core spun yarn application 2
core spun yarn application 3
core spun yarn application 4

Product Package & Shipping

We used the strong bobbin to rewind yarn and protect the yarn from dirty and brocken.And well packaged with the bags.It is about 12-15 cones each bags,and about 22-25KG each package.

24tons for 40HQ.         11tons for 20FT.


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