23/24AW Womens’color Trends-Tangerine&Lavendula&Fuchsia Purple


Ripe citrus presents an attractive gloss under sun, bringing a warm and sweet emotion. The sweater design uses yarn and stitching to create a light and smudge effect, showing active movement.、

Keywords   :Gradient Blooms Effect Stitch Edge Ornament  Letter Pattern Embellishment

Keywords   :Gradient Blooms Effect Stitch Edge Ornament  Letter Pattern Embellishment



Lavender creates a light, ethereal vibe with soft warm tones. It is more suitable for the sweater design of young ladies, the delicate detail design has become the focus of sweater development.

Quantity Sleeves       Stitch Pattern Detail Ornament (Hollow, Stringy SelvedgeRuffles, Cuffs)



Fuchsia Purple:

High-saturation Fuchsia is more inspiring. The rich colors highlight the playful personality. The sweater design is mainly in the style of high street Y2K, which is more trendy.

Keywords           High Street Y2K  Sweet details   Velvet Ornament     Stitch Texture

Fuchsia Purple-1




Fern Green from nature presents fresh and natural in soft tones. Yarns such as fancy yarns and mohair can show the velvety feel of ferns better, the stitch texture is also the key.

Keywords          Fancy Yarn   Velvet Yarn    Stitch Texture   Geometric Pattern


Dark Forest:

The Dark Forest still contains the vigorous upward force of nature. Warm green accents shows a sleek, casual style. The partial application of the Dark Forest becomes the focus, the pattern design enhances the in terest of the style

Keywords  :     Partial Color Application      Pattern Design    Basic Jacquard

Dark Forest-2

Surf the Web:

Modern technology integrates virtual space into reality, bringing a realistic experience. Surf the Web blue delivers a futuristic look in deep blue tones. Glossy yarns and gradient blooms are key design directions th at express the personality of the digital galaxy color.

Keywords:Glossy Yarns (Scallions, Sequins Yarn) Fancy Yarn Stitch Stripes  Gradient Blooms

Surf the Web-2


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