23/24AW Womens’color Trends

e current situation is turbulent and unbalanced, people are longing f or the future, positivity and optimism energy is bursting out constantly, new balance need to be explored urgently. The sense of excitement and fun promotes the rise of pleasant mood, natural exploration is popular n ow. However, the boundaries between digital virtual and real life are becoming more blurred, consumers pay more attention to the real experience.

The Cracked Time Palette creates dynamism with uplifting tones, with Ba nana Cream Yellow, Lavender, Juicy Green, Citrus Orange, Dark Forest energized in natural tones. Fuchsia highlights its personality through rich colors, and the digital galaxy links virtual and reality with blue tones to bright.



Atmosphere Version--Cracking Time Limit

Banana Cream Yellow brings a warm and soft feeling. The texture of the cable ower and the graininess of the ottoman stitch showsthe texture of the color better, the ornamental embellishment of the edge details creates the renement.

03-香蕉霜黄--0303-香蕉霜黄-VictoriaBeckham-04 04-香蕉霜黄设计要点--04

Post time: Mar-09-2022