Clay color — color trend of women’s sweater (mature market)

Clay colour

Clay colour is made of the earth colour system and one soft and warm red tone. Its quite feeling is soft and comfortable,giving to you warm atom sphere of family in the fall and winter. The using of clay colour in sweater model is through wool-work,details technology to create exquisite design. Undershirt,over pull and cardigan are single product focused on development.

Clay color-3
Clay color-6

The using of clay in female sweater uses with the combination of collocation of earth colour at the fall and winter clothing show. The using of the same colour system or warm white creates warm atmosphere for whole  colour collocation. Sweater model mainly focuses on loosen single product design. Cube texture build pretty handsome appearance which can be feel direct.

Clay color-5
Clay color-7

The yarn using of new season sweater model pays more attention to express warm feeling of clay colour through the velvet touch. The yarn using of Mohair and Mink velvet is becoming more and more main.  Some stitches like Maojinxiu needs more attention as it can create fluffy feeling.  Sweater acupuncture design transfers the center to building a three-dimensional texture by thick needle.

Clay color-4
Clay color-12

Detail/process direction

Sweater single product design focuses on sense of cashmere yarn,stiff and smooth feeling of single product. Meantime,the using of detail process needs more attention. The using of hot drilling process makes sweater more bright and protrudes softness of clay colour under the sunshine. Partial stitch ornament protrudes ingenious details. The design of Demotic jacquard on this model builds modern appearance by geometric pattern.

Clay color-9

Hot single product——undershirt

Using of clay colour on undershirt composes useful single product. Model design increases style delicate degree by partial colour collision,metal ornament,badge decoration. Geometric stitch design on sweater increase  sense of texture.

Clay color-2
Clay color-10

Hot single product—— Slipover

The design of clay colour on slipover creates a warm atom sphere in fall and winter by fluffy yarn. The design of decorative glitter stripe,geometric pattern and so on enrich sense of this model. The using of unsymmetrical partial cross hawse increases the sense of texture of sweater. Demotic geometric pattern creates modern and light luxury appearance by hot drilling process,feeling more creative.

Clay color-14
Clay color-11

Hot single product—— Thick sweater

The design of thick sweater pays more attention to create thick and stiff and smooth feeling by yarn and stitch. Loosen model H is the main creation of sweater design. Using of twisted sense of the amount of flower therapy and fluffy yarn become importance. Geometric pattern creates clear appearance and increases design of sweater.

Clay color-1
Clay color-13

Post time: Aug-11-2022