Color trend of children’s sweater

Children's sweaters are also attracting in this season. A vibrant bright coral color is used as an alternative to traditional festive red, a clear turquoise blue balances the impact of winter and "spring/summer" colors, and a warm and soft butter color is perfect for unisex transitional clothing. More vibrant colors of dark ivy and earth bring more optimism to winter.



Red can lift the mood and make the winter more lively. Red is easy to attract people's eyes, and make people feel excited.


Burnt Coral

Burnt coral is the representative color of the red series. The color attribute of its vibrant pink tone adds a more lively and playful tone to the sweater. The color is more suitable for sweater, which makes people cheerful. Focusing on the twist flower of same color or jacquard design of contrast color, the impact of bright color is stronger.


Delphinium Blue

Delphinium blue is a lighter, more dynamic color than the traditional positive blue, which gives a cleaner and fresher feeling. Unlike traditional blue that conveys a sense of calm, this color is more powerful and dynamic, bringing hope and optimism.



As a unisex neutral color, the different hues of yellow convey different visual effects. Deep yellow, which is closer to orange, gives a sense of energy and health. The fine light yellow is like warm sunshine, giving people a feeling of healing and warmth.



The green series representing the environmental protection, nature, vitality is the key color of this season. In the popular concept of sustainable development, green is favored by the public. Because of its flexible and changeable color attribute, green is popular in the whole year. The yellow-green combined with yellow gives people a warm feeling, and the blue-green blended into the blues becomes cold and chilly.



The brown that comes from nature always gives us a simple and nostalgic feeling. As a classic color system, neutral earth color is highly soluble and matchable with other colors. Based on the neuter color with warm tone, brown brings more rustic simple sense to the season of autumn and winter. It blends with the color of the earth.


Post time: Apr-23-2021