Slate Rose– Women’s sweater color trend ( Mature market)

Slate Rose

 Slate Rose stems from special sense of petal of rose. The collision of red and charcoal gray digs micro feeling and leads you to thinking and meditation. Graphical design,cube texture,exquisite yarn are incorporated in sweater model development and make the colour more vivid .

Slate Rose stems-1
Slate Rose stems-2


Slate rose is particularly prominent in the use of maturity and grace style.  Rose with gray tone shows grace and protrudes sedate temperament that shows women‘s maturity. Meantime,slate rose is suitable for retro wear and combines with plaid pant,fair island pattern to show vintage filter of slate rose.

Slate Rose stems-3
Slate Rose stems-4

Slate Rose- Fluffy felling

Long velvet yarn‘s low gloss can express clean soft retro feeling and kind temperament. Model design protrudes colour and texture feeling of yarn mainly so that using basic profile to create all-match items was set.Kinds of fluffy yarn:Centipede like Yarns,plush,loop yarn,feather yarn,mohair.

Slate Rose stems-5
Slate Rose stems-6

Slate Rose-- agriculture design

Rip cut lines, hollowing out,electronic embroidery stitching, agriculture of model add rich beauty of sense to slate rose. That manage agriculture emphasis clearness and detail. So electronic embroidery stitching and lace flower line,hollowing out stitch and handicraft,they all make slate rose look elegant and more quality.

Slate Rose stems-7
Slate Rose stems-8

Slate rose—Small Cardigan

Collocation of same color group is more suitable for slate rose single products as pop color. In small cardigan new season development,twist together,single buckle,exquisite buckle and details dealing of top fly express nice sense of slate rose;slate rose can be used for development of stripe small shirt so that protrudes stripe design.

Slate Rose stems-10
Slate Rose stems-11

Slate rose--undershirt

Soft color feature of slate rose is most suitable for creating hot selling product——Undershirt. Neutral color undershirt is still classic,and slate rose which protrudes introductory temperament of women brings flash and elegant atom sphere for undershirt. Hollowing out,fishing net,Invisible Jacquard, high wind mosaics,partial detail management of undershirt protrudes exquisite feeling of slate rose.

Slate Rose stems-13
Slate Rose stems-12

Slate rose-- Coordinates

Gray neutralized brightness of rose red and protruded deeply soft beauty of slate rose. So,slate rose was used for coordinates design. It is worth noticing that development of coordinates pays more attention to design of pattern,expression of yarn feeling and rich color level of slate rose. 

Slate Rose stems-17
Slate Rose stems-15
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Post time: Aug-25-2022