Sustainable environmental protection and fashion playtime EShow in Paris

This year, PlayTime exhibition will be open online from February 10-12, 2021. In the Playtime, environmental sustainability was taken as the design concept. Through the recommendation of magazines, bloggers and fashionistas, various green fashion brands are narrated, and various design styles under the trend of environmental protection are shown in the way of live broadcasting.


Style - sustainable environmental protection

Facing the epidemic, people yearn more for a comfortable and safe lifestyle. In this context, environmentally friendly clothing brands continue to emerge. Seaweed fiber, pineapple leaf fiber, natural flax and organic cotton are particularly popular and applied to children's clothing to create a comfortable and fashionable wearing experience for children.


Style -- simple and fashionable

In color, the design of simple and fashionable style is focused on soft and low saturation of color, with an advanced visual sense. Personalized quilting, cutting and other craft elements are reflected in the details, which is simple and fashionable


Clay color

Clay color has a low-key and soft visual perception, which is rustic, comfortable. The clothing version that cuts loose in this color is more popular, which allows the to children enjoy comfortable life and is closer to nature.



Green makes people feel healthy, natural and relaxed, which is desired by the public. In 21/22, designers in autumn and winter extracted the colors of herbaceous trees from nature and applied them to costume design. The mentality of returning to nature is self-evident.


Dusty Blue

The dusty blue color makes people feel peaceful. Integrated in the design, the light blue color under the sun is more artistic. Combined with relatively mild colors and decorated with patterns, it not only brings a comfortable visual experience, but also more fashionable and advanced.


Fabric -- suede material

Soft suede material is often used to create a simple appearance. Splicing, patch and bright color embellishment will make the details much richer. When suede materials are combined with shoe styles, the whole winter dressing experience becomes warmer and more comfortable.


Fabric -- texture surface

Comfortable and skin-friendly cotton material with quilted cotton and pleated treatment, showing changeable texture surface. It is applied in the design of falbala and local detail processing, which is simple and soft.


Lovely animals

Lovely monkeys, bears, foxes and other small animals become cute in the design of BIBU designers. Dolls, clothes are used in home decoration. The ways of animal presentation become more diverse.


Post time: Apr-23-2021