Technology trend of three dimensional thick needle men’s and women’s sweater

The development of autumn and winter bodkin fabric pays attention to the visual image that has visual impact. The core pieces are updated through a three-dimensional look and detailed design. It is more pictorial if we use the needle to shape the texture of the pattern. Fancy yarns and conventional yarns are combined to reshape the geometric texture, and the perforations on the block surface are hollow to highlight the advanced sense of simple design. The worn-out feeling formed by the hollowing of the thread is more delicate. Compared with the use of granular sensation design, the grain wave texture design is more eye-


catching in the new season. By changing the shape of twisted flowers or combining with yarn, full version of twisted flowers updates the overall picture. The stereoscopic texture of the visual effect breaks the monotony of the basic style, which has unique interest.

Stitch pattern

Stitching is used to shape the appearance of a pattern. Coarse yarns can better show the texture of the pattern, with bold lines to show the delicate design. The stitching method is suitable for full plate application, presenting orderly visual effect. In pattern design, different colors of yarn can be added to enrich the overall picture.


Geometry appearance

Geometrical stitch designs such as plaid, honeycomb and shell patterns pay more attention to yarn and color variations. The combination of fancy yarn and conventional yarn is the key of sweater design, showing the contrast effect and micro-three-dimensional feeling. The use of mixed onion yarn can add luster and brightness and create a light and luxurious texture.



The pointelle design emphasizes the large area of the block surface to form a network effect. Design of sweater design need not to be too complex, the local twist in the design of basic plain grain and hollow-out union are more advanced. The pictorial design formed by hollowing out makes it more interesting.


Hollow-out of pulling thread

In the hollow design, the connection of yarn is added to form the wear effect. Compare with the rough damage design of the past season, the use of hollow-out of pulling thread on sweater design is more meticulous, focusing on forming pattern design or local detail design. In the design of women's sweaters, the large area of hollow out is more eye-catching, while in the design of men's sweaters, the fine hollow out is the main design, which is more low-key.



Texture with three-dimensional sense is presented in the form of dot particles in the new season. Compared with the article " The use of texture to form geometric patterns” in coarse weave | modelling delicate details - men's sweater(click here to read) , the new particle design is the spread of fine needle to thick needle, and the sweater style is more casual.


Twisted flower

The texture design of the full version of twisted flower is mainly based on the use of simplified stitching and yarn. The texture of twisted flowers is combined and overlapped to increase the sense of texture level. The combination of twisted flower and front and back needle updates the twisted flower design. The details can not be ignored when the color dot yarn and other fancy yarns are applied to the twisted texture


Three-dimensional visual effect

Because of three-dimensional stitch design, the sweater design of concise foundation is no longer dull. In the style of sweater, through the design of three-dimensional texture in the collar, sleeves, pockets, trademarks and other parts, the three-dimensional visual effect of "foaming print" is presented, so that the style is more novel.


Post time: Apr-23-2021