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Company news about Core Spun Yarn

Core Spun Yarn


Latest company news about Core Spun Yarn

Core Spun Yarn or Core spinning is an important concept in the field of the textile industry. To get more information about what is core spun yarn and its properties, you can go through this brief article which takes a few minutes to read.

What is Core Spun Yarn? Let us talk more

Core Spun Yarn is a dual-component structured process where fibers remain twisted around a previously existing yarn (which can be filament). Here, the already existing yarn is called the Core. In terms of core, there is used filament yarn and in terms of sheath covering, there is used staple fibers. Intending to enhance the functional properties- strength, sustainability, and stretchability, there is a significant role of the core-spun yarn.

Types of Core Spun Yarn

Core spun yarns can be found in different blends & types. They are mostly used in industrial sewing because of their immense stretchability, durability, and strength. These are:

Types of core spun yarn Short Fibre Covering Filament Filament product point
Core spun elastic yarn Cotton,mink,silk,linen,
viscose fibre,MODAL,TENCEL
and so on
Spandex(main material) Elastic textile is comfortable,fit,ventilated,beautiful and has some good advantages as moisture absorption.It’s widely used to produce some knitting products like corduroy and jean or other products like underwear,external clothing,swimming wear,sport wear,sock,glove,medical bandage,wide tight belt.
High end core spun sewing thread 100%Cotton/100%Polyester strong,hm high modulus low-elongation polyester High strength,high wear resistance
low shrink. Suitable for high speed sewing.100%cotton core spun yarn is anti-static and anti-hot melt.
Burn-out core spun yarn Cotton,Viscose fibre Polyester,polypropylene fiber Surface of the garment is translucent
and has cube pattern except short fibre by special pigment printing
It is widely used to produce decorative garments like bedspread,curtain,
New fibre core spun yarn Bamboo pulp fibre,colored cotton
colored fibre
Polyester(main material) Excellent advantages of new fibre like visual effect,soft hand feeling,
moisture absorption was played adequately.
Cavity core spun yarn Cotton,Viscose fibre watermiscible polyvinyl alcohol fibre Polyvinyl alcohol fibre becomes macaroni yarn
after filament low temperature dissolution
process. It becomes fluffy,soft. Good moisture absorption and warnth keeping
Deodorant,anti-biosis core
spun yarn
Deodorant,anti-biosis fibre Polyester Excellent deodorant and anti-biosis ability.
Used to produce underwear,sock and drug sundries
Ultraviolet light,microweave shielding
100%Cotton,Viscose High-end filament It can shield ultraviolet,microweave.
Expected future for military project and people using
far-infrared core spun yarn 100%Cotton far-infrared filament Transfer far infrared spectrum. Good heath function
Sirospun core spun yarn Cotton Spandex or normal filament
(Clipped by V form filament)
It is wrapped well and uniformly,has less hair.The texture and
elasticity of it are better.

What is Core Spun Yarn Made of?

Core spun yarns are generally made of synthetic fiber filaments with good strength and elasticity as the core yarn, wrapped with short fibers such as cotton, wool, and viscose fibers by twisting together. The core-spun yarn has the excellent properties of filament core yarn and short-spun fiber.

The more common core-spun yarn is polyester-cotton core-spun yarn, which uses polyester filament as the core yarn and wraps cotton fiber. There is also spandex core-spun yarn, which is a yarn made of spandex filament as the core yarn and outsourcing other fibers. The knitted fabric or jeans material made of this core-spun yarn can stretch freely and fit comfortably when wearing. Its main purpose is to strengthen the cotton canvas and maintain the water repellency of the cotton fiber swelling when exposed to water, and use polyester to have stretch resistance, tear resistance and shrinkage resistance when it is damp in the rain. At this stage, the core-spun yarn has developed into many types, which can be summed up as: short fiber and short fiber core-spun yarn, chemical filament and short fiber core-spun yarn, chemical filament and chemical filament core-spun yarn.

At present, many core-spun yarns are generally composed of chemical fiber filaments as the core yarn and covered with various short fibers. The commonly used chemical fiber filaments for its core yarns include polyester filaments, nylon filaments, and spandex filaments. Outsourcing short fibers include cotton, polyester cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylic and wool fibers.

Advantages of Core Spun Yarn

1. The core spun yarn has uniform dyeing, good color fastness and washing resistance;

2. The core spun yarn can be rubbed at will without crease, with high elasticity and skin friendly feeling;

3. Compared with other yarns, the core spun yarn has stronger tenacity and hygroscopicity;

4. High performance textiles, sewing threads and in the garmenting areas due to its exceptional strength, outstanding abrasion resistance, consistence performance sewing machine, elasticity for the stretch requirements, excellent resistance in perspiration, ideal wash and wear performance and permanent press.

Properties of Core Spun Yarn

Properties of Core Spun Yarn
Key Points Properties
Manufacturing Materials Nylon, Viscose, Polyester,PBT
Durability High
Breathability High
Stretchability Better
Moisture-absorbing Capabilities Good
Ply Security Better
Abrasion Resistance Ability Superior

Extensive Application Scenarios of Core Spun Yarn

The core spun yarn can be used as plain stitches, jacquards, or multiple incoming threads. It is widely used in bottoming sweaters, jacquard jackets, fresh children's wear, comfortable handle and non-static, skin friendly comfort and breathable, and colorful.

Our popular core spun yarn

Product Composition Yarn Count Machine Usage Characteristic Recommended countries
(Flat knit)
can 2ply,3ply.
Short hair core spun yarn H10881 50%Viscose29%PBT21%Nylon 2/48NM 3GG,5GG,7GG,9GG,12GG Autumn &winter sweaters, scarves, gloves, socks, hats, etc. Anti-pilling, no knotting, soft and smooth fabric, no deformation, no shrinkage, High toughness moisture absorption. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Poland, Argentina, Mexico, Eygpt etc.
Long hair core spun yarn H11171 42%Viscose28%Nylon30%PBT 28S/2 3GG,5GG,7GG,9GG,12GG Autumn &winter sweaters, scarves, gloves, socks, hats, etc. Increase the plush feeling and highlight the fuzzing effect of the yarn,have long hair on the surface of cloth
High stretch core spun yarn
50%Viscose29%PBT21%Nylon 28S/2 3GG,5GG,7GG,9GG,12GG Autumn &winter sweaters, scarves, gloves, socks, hats, etc. Anti-pilling, more smooth,no knotting,comfortable and soft, light and fluffy, not easy to deform and fade, with a sense of plush.
Crystal core spun yarn
49%Viscose9%Nylon30%PBT12%Polyester 28S/2 3GG,5GG,7GG,9GG,12GG Autumn &winter sweaters, scarves, gloves, socks, hats, etc. Bright and shiny, more smooth,comfortable and soft, light and fluffy, not easy to deform and fade, with a sense of plush.
Colorful core spun yarn
42%Viscose18%Nylon28%PBT12%Polyester 28S/2 3GG,5GG,7GG,9GG,12GG Autumn & winter sweaters, scarves, gloves, socks, hats, etc. Bright and shiny,comfortable and soft, light and fluffy, not easy to deform and fade, with a sense of plush.

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