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Company news about Knight Blue Color Trends —— Women‘s Sweaters(Young Market)

Knight Blue Color Trends —— Women‘s Sweaters(Young Market)


Latest company news about Knight Blue Color Trends —— Women‘s Sweaters(Young Market)

Knight blue lead the emotion back the ever youth time. It is the school uniform with beauty of that year. It is the carrier fulfilling with primary mind. Knight blue makes the sweater more clearly energetic. It pays more attention to hand feeling. It means even more artistic atmosphere under retro circumstance.
In the LOOK of new season sweater,Knight blue pays more attention to the style of wear in the same colour system,transmitting clearly nice teenage flavor. Extra profile looks and feels loose and comfortable,mixing with sport flavour. Black,white and gray are important as they neutralize the heavy retro feel from Knight blue. Bright intersperse moves the center of sense and keep more creative.
The model of new season sweater uses fluffy yarn to express beautifully hazy atmosphere of Knight blue meaning and warm feeling in the fall and winter. The bodkin of hand feeling is important here,describing retro feeling from Knight blue. Delicate towel ring of acupuncture means the stereoscopic effect. It also means excellent technology.


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